Sean LaFreniere quotes at length from year old testimony by William Kristol and then says that:

Bush looks like a strange apple for a Conservative Republican.

Now I couldn’t find anything in the Kristol testimony to that would lead me to this conclusion. The paragraph that follows, though, is delightful to read and would make Molly Ivins proud. It begins:

I dont think that GW was a mature human being before 9-11.

And continues with a great brief history of Bush but then closes with:

Today he threatens the world’s dictators with serious military consequences and pushes a new vision of the world that shows itself as rather Progressive and based upon Liberal ideals. I wonder how his old political friends, the Conservative Republicans and the Christian Right, feel about “their president” now?.

The latest versions of the Iraq goals probably are progressive and liberal in the context of Saddam. But it is pretty difficult to find anything progressive and liberal on the domestic front.
And, what do conservative republicans and the christian right feel about their president now? Probably pretty gleeful at the prospect of a global christian theocracy instead of the domestic one they thought they were going to get.