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Here’s the next to last paragraph from William Pitt’s editorial at trouthout.org:

Understand that the difference between these two groups – the Bush crew, and the men and women of the VFP – is the difference between what America is, and what America should be. Consider the experiences, the motivations, the actions, the sacrifices. Decide whether you want to spend your life afraid, or whether you will overcome that fear to reach the greatest victory of your life. Decide where you stand.

Read the whole thing, think about the bushies, think about Kennedy, think about the VFP folks and Brian Wilson then, as Jerome, Badattitudes, suggests take a look at this picture.

One thought on “Politics of Fear

  • James Bland

    Please do not put things on my car. Did you say anything about the genocide of the Kurds (the same type that the jews under Hitler endured)? What about the rape and torture of innocent people? Do you believe in the freedom that you enjoy, that allows you to say whatever you want? Did you go to Iraq and protest the ecological destruction of the wetlands and the Tigris and Euphrates river? How about the killing of most of the animals in Kuwait, or the setting of thousands oil wells on fire? Do you believe in treating women as property without any civil rights? I’m sure you enjoy your rights and freedoms so, if your not willing to stand a post or pick up a weapon don’t question the the way in which it is provided.

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