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Orcinus Tramadol 100Mg Buy Online about the concept of jury nullification:

jury nullification — by sitting in judgment not just of the facts of the case but of the laws themselves — arrogates to itself not only the role of the judge but of the legislature, essentially overturning at whim those laws that have been passed through democratic processes. In this sense, jury nullification is a threat not only to the courts, but to the very systems of laws on which the nation rests.

Well, there are quite a few laws on the books that should not be there.
The wise prosecution/defense attorney will not leave me on the jury for certain types of cases. I won’t lie so as to be able to sandbag a jury but they should ask me the right question(s) to assure that I’m ok with the laws relevant to the trial. If they do leave me on a jury the ‘facts’ better be iron clad or I just might be biased by my opinion of the law itself.
Update(10/13): WalterinDenver Safe Tramadol Online a Denver Post Lowest Priced Tramadol Online on jury nullification and provides some counterpoint to Orcinus.