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Deb is unhappy with whoever stole her food from the refrigerator at work. This is the first I’d heard of Skinny Cows.
Jaquandor contemplates headless chickens, replacements for Britney (a regular series) and ER.
Brian Micklethwait, having nothing better to do then surf the normally unwatched digital end of British TV, found and watched part of an interview with a woman whose secretly filmed undergarments are apparently now circulating on the web. Brian now regrets not watching more of the interview and contemplates what the rules should be regarding this tyupe of filming.
Tim Dunlop recommends this title for David Kay’s new book:Still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Well, these guys all publish a book don’t they.
Josh Marshall notes that Richard Perle confirms that Drudge’s and the WSJ’s ($) latest hack at Clark’s Iraq postion are pure bs.