Daily Archives: June 17, 2004

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Tegan is a charter member of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame which is opening this week. She attended the “Gala premier opening” and has written a preview for us. A couple of snippets:

Ok, overall first impressions: Crowded, but not too crowded. Literally every time you turned around, there was something new to look at. I was suffering from “oooooh! Shiny thing!” syndrome, big-time.
Disappointments. Not many… There was as strong a focus on books and magazines as on TV and movies, but comic books were underrepresented.
And the Experience Music Project building is still the ugliest building in Seattle, even if what’s inside it is pretty cool.

A lot of folks consider this building ugly and it certainly does wrench at one’s sense of what is right when you look at it. As time goes by, though, I’ve found it to be much more interesting then just another box and I suspect that much of the inside ambience is due to the external shell creating internal spaces with interesting curved shapes.
Hey, sorry to digress. Go read the rest of Tegan’s review.