Blogging Defined

WOLF BLITZER: So, Fafnir and Giblets, what IS a blog?
FAFNIR: Blogs are the future Wolf.
GIBLETS: Yes! They are MADE of the future! We extract the future’s pure temporal essence an squeeze it into cables an modems an T3 lines it becomes a blog!
F: A blog… of the future.
WB: How much thought goes into your “web blog” “posts”?
F: Oh we do not think at all when we post! That would defeat the entire purpose!
G: Blogs must be spontaneous intant reactions to the lightning events of the everyday! Giblets fires up a random news article, pounds his head against the keyboard several times, an hits the “publish” button for the purest of pure blog posts!
F: Otherwise you are not truly flowin in the electric consciousness Wolf.

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