Daily Archives: February 8, 2005

My New Map and Directions Site

It took just 30 seconds to make up my mind. Google’s new map, driving direction, yellow page site is good! I have used Yahoo Maps for years but neither it nor Mapquest hold a candle to this. Julie puts it succinctly:

DHTML-driven (IE/Firefox only right now, I believe, but YMMV) maps service. Driving directions, yellow pages, etc. Drag-the-map with your mouse, DHTML controls, no more of that click-wait, click-wait, click-wait, click-wait never-quite-right map manipulation.

Try it out. Change now!
Update: Barry provides some usage tips and suggests that this might be a good front end for Keyhole, another Google product.
Update II (2/9): Via Zomboyboy here is a more technical look at this tool.

Comments on a Young Author

John Scalzi has written a fine annotation of a young author’s illustrated children’s tale:

What the author is saying is that while we need to integrate the lessons of nature, we are also more than what is given to us in our natural state. When nature fails or flags — as it inevitably must — our other talents must engage until such time as our natural states are refreshed again. A telling message for young women: Know who you are and be in touch with your nature, but be ready to use all the resources available to you, in all aspects of your life.

Read the original story and the rest of Scalzi’s commentary.
You might also enjoy Scalzi’s recent novel: Old Man’s War.
Via Sara’s Spot.