Daily Archives: August 3, 2005

w Talks Education

w spoke to reporters a bit about education yesterday:

“You’re asking me whether or not people ought to be exposed to different ideas, and the answer is ‘yes.'”

I agree 100%. Seems like the basic stuff of education; why we have courses in biology, victorian literature, economics, comparative religions, mythology, and so forth.
Apparently w wasn’t making a general statement though. It seems that he may have been talking about some kind of mixing of subjects; creating one of those hybrid multi-discline classes: something like Remedial Mysticism 100: Survey of Biology and Religious Mythology.
I wanted to rise to the bait yesterday but did not have time. There were, though, plenty of other voices…go read’m!
By the way, does anyone have a link to a transcript of w’s interaction with that small group of reporters?

Government Office Overcomes Time

The Indiana Bureau of Motor vehicles is showing strong initiative when confronted by the market failure inherent to government operations:

In what has to join the list of Most Bizarre Government Policies Ever, BMV bosses have decided that hiding clocks is a great way to make long waits seem shorter. Without clocks to watch, people standing in long lines supposedly won’t be able to complain about just how long they’ve been waiting.

I wonder if they also confiscate employee and patron watches…
As Balko says: Beyond Parody.