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since the extensive right shoulder surgery yesterday i’m having to take double the originally prescribed meds and am just sleepin’ and tubin’…

9 thoughts on “pain management

  • Vicki

    hope your shoulder mends quickly! Good luck with it. Sleepin’ and tubin’ is probably the very best way to get through a couple of difficult days.

  • SB

    Yes, don’t allow yourself to suffer — if you let the pain get past start, you’ll pay in the long run!
    Take good care.

  • farmgirl

    All quadrupeds and bipeds on the farm are sending you healing thoughts. Hope you have a critter or two to keep you company (and fetch your slippers and breakfast). : )

  • Barry Campbell

    Ow. Ow ow ow. Sending you good thoughts and positive energy from Manhattan.
    When I was hospitalized in Spring 2005, I did note that college basketball games took on whole new layers of meaning for me while I was dosed up on pain medication. Perhaps you should give that a try!

  • Steve

    Thanks for the kind comments!
    Once I began taking the meds as needed and not as prescribed I did much better!
    Farmgirl: unfortunately we are between furry family members.
    Barry: yep. I spent most of Saturday with college bb.
    I’m still in recovery mode and will be a bit slow mentally and physically for a few more days and with limited use of my right arm for months. I expect to become quite skilled at left-handed keyboarding!

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