Daily Archives: October 3, 2006

Raising the Birthday Bar?

I suspect we all think pretty much the same way when we put together a birthday party for one of our kids. As Brittany’s Mom says:

… “To each their own. It’s about her. It’s about me making this the best for her.”

If that were all there was to this story there would be no more discussion. However,

she continues, “Brittany’s my baby, my princess. If I could do it even bigger, I would. She’s so good (Brittany brought home straight A’s on her first report of the school year). If she was a snot, a little brat, I wouldn’t do this.”

What’s the scale of this party? The closing present will give you an idea:

How do you top an appearance by Bubba Sparxxx? You pull out the big guns, this time in the form of a little luxury sports car. Brittany’s surprise gift: a 2006 BMW Z4.
“The reason we are having all of this is because of the car,” Leslie says. “She had her heart set on a BMW Z4 in this certain shade of blue. Grayson (car dealership) searched all over and found one in Oregon. I didn’t want to have to wait a year to give it to her.”

Brittany can’t bring herself to get out of the car that retails for about $45,000.

15 year old Brittany said later:

“It would’ve been fine if I had a few friends to go the movies,”…

Yes, indeed.

Via this guy who was apparently most interested in the lap dance (see Grand Entrance segment of the video).