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One thought on “100 Last Minute Suggestions…

  • Order Tramadol Cod Online Tramadol Order Cod

    I would nominate More of the Monkees just for the story behind the cover. The band was on the road when Don Kirshner decided to glop together a bunch of tracks they had recorded and release a second album. They didn’t know the album had even been released until one of them went into a record store, saw it and bought it.
    They went bananas. The album cover was an advertising shot they had done for J C Penney. They hated the clothes, but had done the shot for contractual reasons. Some of the songs were dreadful. The release of the album led to them getting rid of Don Kirshner and releasing the excellent album, Headquarters.
    Despite all of that, the album went to #1 and that year they out sold the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined.
    Go figure.
    Tramadol Order Online.

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