Law or Legislation?

Really, if it is complex, i.e., hard to understand and changes frequently does it really rise to the level of law?

Borrowers should determine if they live in a state with nonrecourse laws. In general, lenders in those states cannot pursue borrowers for money owed. But these laws are complex and change often, so consulting with a lawyer may be necessary, Mr. Geller said.

I think not.

Rather, it is mere legislation most likely enacted to fulfill someone’s rent seeking desires.

March Madness Waiting Room

CBS is offering on demand viewing of all this year’s NCAA tournament games.
The first game tips off at about 12:20 EDT and the on demand doors just opened (11:54 EDT).
A few minutes ago there were 218,000 users in the combined general admission and VIP waiting rooms. Already over 70,000 VIP users are in the arena and there are currently 141,000 general admission users just starting to enter.
CBS must have a huge server farm and L…O…T…S of bandwidth ready to go.

It will be interesting to see what the quality of the viewing experience will be.