Daily Archives: August 7, 2008

Ampersands Anyone?

If you like ampersands you will love The Ampersand blog where the publisher says:

I like the ampersand. I think it is often the most attractive punctuation mark of them all. This blog is an attempt to give this humble character the respect it deserves.

Here is one from the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park that I don’t believe has been featured yet at The Ampersand:


The above ampersand is the rotating element in this sculpture:

Mixed media installation with benches, tables, live tree, pathways and illuminated rotating element

For me the setting and this piece were the highlights of the park. Well, unless you are really into giant traffic cones (maybe to be shown in a future post).
Speaking of ampersands, Ampersand is always worth a read.

Hat tip Daring Fireball for the link to The Ampersand.