April 2, 2003

Bush League

Sean points us to this article where you can find out why Michael Hoyt says:

"Fox tries to position itself as 'the real American network,'" said Michael Hoyt, executive editor of the Columbia Journalism Review. "But real Americans believe in democracy and freedom of speech. I think what they did was cynical and bush league."
And, there can be no question that the FNC is BUSH league.

In the same post Sean provides a lengthy analysis of what he calls

a new form of peace protest . It involves the citizens of relatively wealthy democracies taking full advantage of their civil rights to protest the Allied effort to bring these rights to others.
and provides a point by point rebuttal. You must choose whether you agree with Sean's arguments.

At one point Sean says

Let us accept that there IS an economic motivation. This doesnt change the fact that Saddam Hussein is a monster and that the Iraqi people are his slaves. I think playing political football with war is dispicable. Hoping to harm the US economy as a way of "getting back" at Bush is a disgusting abuse of the people who are impacted by both sides of the issue.
One point at a time:

first:, yes, there probably is some economic motivation but I think a lot of folks suspect the administration has a much deeper motivation; second: yep, SH is a pretty sick person; third, what does being his slave mean? That some part of their income goes into his coffers? How much? Somewhat over 30% of mine goes to local, state and federal gov, and yes, technically this is probably a form of slavery; and fourth, yea, '..playing political football with war is dispicable." See first point above and review the history of the Bush administration.

Posted by Steve on April 2, 2003
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