April 13, 2003


As reported by Talkleft General Franks tells us that:

No confirmed weapons of mass destruction but they have found materials they are testing and will be looking for more.
Yep, we have been hearing a lot of that. Powell is much more definite on this subject and in an appearance on BBC this morning tells us that:
The combat period is over and we can now turn our attention to finding weapons of mass destruction.

There's strong evidence and no question about the fact there are weapons of mass destruction.

We will find weapons of mass destruction."

Powell is likely hoping that the recent surrender of General Amir al-Saadi will be a breakthrough in finding WMDs. This BBC article suggests that al-Saadi may not have much to say. Quoting the BBC correspondent:
The main concern from the American point of view will be how co-operative General al-Saadi will be.

Early indications are, at least from the remarks he made to German television in which he maintained that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, suggest that he won't be.

For that reason and because of his potential significance, US officials will probably want to keep him very much under wraps for now.

Once he is into his cell without any outside contact it might not be long before we hear reports of information from him pointing toward WMD. On the other hand, perhaps some can be moved from Oregon and stashed under the sand somewhere to be found.

Posted by Steve on April 13, 2003
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