April 16, 2003

Friedman's Moral Compass

Busy Busy Busy has found Thomas Friedman's current moral compass and suggests that Friedman is now of one mind with Rumsfeld regarding post invasion security for the Iraqi people.

Back in ancient history (4/9) Friedman said:

America broke Iraq; now America owns Iraq, and it owns the primary responsibility for normalizing it. If the water doesn't flow, if the food doesn't arrive, if the rains don't come and if the sun doesn't shine, it's now America's fault. We'd better get used to it, we'd better make things right, we'd better do it soon, and we'd better get all the help we can get.
Putting the two together suggests that Friedman's moral compass is about as stable as sand dunes in the desert wind.

Posted by Steve on April 16, 2003
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