April 19, 2003

Bagdad Watch

Day by day the situation gets worse in Bagdad (and probably much of the rest of Iraq). As reported by BBC News:

The International Red Cross has urged US forces to restore the Iraqi capital's power supply and other basic services as the threat to public health grows daily.
Roland Huguenin-Benjamin of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) told the BBC that less than half of the city's hospitals were functioning - the rest had been ransacked by looters.
in a further sign of chaos, looters can now be seen selling stolen weapons and ammunition - including Kalashnikov assault rifles - openly on the streets.
The UN children's fund Unicef says piles of rubbish are accumulating at the hospitals and up to 70% of patients at the children's hospital now have diarrhoea.
It all speaks for itself. Ah, but Bechtel is riding in to clean up Rumsfeld's mess.

Posted by Steve on April 19, 2003
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