May 4, 2003

Aged Brains and Bodybuilding

Expect an increase in sales of the body building supplement GABA.

Science Daily reports that

Scientists may have discovered why the brainís higher information-processing center slows down in old age, affecting everything from language, to vision, to motor skills.

Certain neurons in very old macaque monkeys lose their pickiness, researchers have found, seemingly because they donít get enough GABA. These results appear in the journal Science, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

If a lack of GABA is indeed responsible for the old neuronsí indiscriminate firing, this problem may be simple enough to treat. Existing drugs, such as Xanax, increase GABA production, according to author Audie Leventhal

So this solution gives you improved brain function while you wander around tranquilized and headed for addiction.

The body building supplement GABA apparently stimulates Human Growth Hormone production. If it works to alleviate the brain slow down described in the Science Daily story I suspect, even though it does have a slight sedative affect, that it will be much more popular than the valium and xanax type of treatment.

Posted by Steve on May 4, 2003
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