May 22, 2003

Breaking a Reign of Terror

Here is one that each and every state ought to support:

House Republicans are pressing for legislation that would strip federal anti-drug money from local police in states that have passed medical marijuana laws.
There is probably a lot of onerous stuff in the legislation (the norm at the federal level) and I have not read it, but, from the article, there are at least 2 downsides:
1. The legislation would allow the White House Office of Drug Control Policy to advertise in opposition to medical marijuana laws.
2. And allow it to exist for 5 more years.
Well, maybe the advertising aspect isn't so bad: we might get to see an updated Reefer Madness.

It does seem a good thing, though, that this may actually be a way to stop some federal funding of terrorist activities related to the drug prohibition.

UPDATE (5/23): Talkleft has more on this.

Posted by Steve on May 22, 2003
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