June 2, 2003

Cooking the Books II

Colin Powell has this rebuttal to yesterday's post on Cooking the Books:

Speaking in Rome, Powell said he thought the evidence that Iraq had continued to develop such weapons was "overwhelming."

"There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It wasn't a figment of anyone's imagination. Iraq used these weapons against Iran in the late '80s," Powell said. "There is no question, there is no debate here."

Ok, ok. Iraq used chemical weapons in the late '80s. How, again, did this present a current threat to the US?
"There was no doubt in my mind as I went through the intelligence and as I prepared myself for the (Feb. 5) briefing ... that the evidence was overwhelming that they had continued to develop these programs," he added.
Surely this overwhelming evidence will be presented to the rest of us soon. That UN presentation just didn't quite do the trick.
Powell noted that the CIA and the Pentagon last week said they had concluded that two truck-trailers found in Iraq could only have been mobile biological weapons factories, although no trace of biological weapons was found in either.
Let's see, what was the war budget? Something like $80 billion. That works out to $40 billion/truck. Surely, there were more of these truck-trailers rolling around.......

Posted by Steve on June 2, 2003
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