June 13, 2003

What do the creationists say?

The Apostropher closes a fine post on the 160,000 year old Homo sapiens idÓltu fossils found in Ethiopia with this pondering comment

As of yet, there is still no comment from the standard bearers of creationism.
This tweaked my interest so I went right over there to double check and realized that they probably will not say any more then what is already writ on their Fossil page which closes with this
Every few years evolutionists prop up and advertise a few new fossils and fool many into thinking that their theory finally has scientific substance. They neglect or purposefully hide their frauds and wishful finds of the past, which used to be the new fossils of past times. There are no transitional fossils that have withstood the test of time and true (non-media-hyped) scientific scrutiny. Their track record is to stand *against* what we see in the fossil record ... and that is the mass burial of the former world in the Great Flood of 4,400 years ago.
Yep, I don't think we'll be seeing any update.

Posted by Steve on June 13, 2003
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