July 2, 2003

Supreme Candidates and Lists

From the category "If daddy did it then I'm going to fix it now" we have on a current list of possibles for a supreme Court Appointment: Judge Edith Hollan Jones, 54, 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals:

.... President George H.W. Bush went with David Souter when the two were Supreme Court finalists in 1989. Short of a filibuster-proof GOP Senate, Jones would prompt a battle because of opinions freeing Texas schools from affirmative action, criticizing abortion and sex harassment laws, and rejecting a new trial for a death-row inmate whose lawyer slept through much of the trial.
Thanks to Alex at A List a Day who says:
C'mon everyone loves a good list, don't they? This is the place to find links and commentaries on lists of all sizes and merit.
Via Soundbitten.

Posted by Steve on July 2, 2003
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