July 9, 2003

Malkin Challenges the bushies

Michelle Malkin has been, I think, a pretty consistent supporter of the bush administration. Today she closes her latest column with this:

Inslaw deserves to be compensated. More importantly, the American people deserve to know the truth: Did government greed and bureaucratic hubris lead to a wholesale sellout of our national security? The Bush White House's credibility is on the line.
This is a very strong statement coming from Malkin. As described by her, the Inslaw Promis software theft and coverup goes back to 1982 so many administrations may have been aware and involved. Her point appears to be that if this story is true and if the bushies do not support a full and open investigation (please excuse the oxymoron) they will be as guilty as the rest. This might be a shock to Malkin. There are many others though who would see this as business as usual.

Posted by Steve on July 9, 2003
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