July 17, 2003

Educating our Kids?

It is stuff like this that will lead more people to question the credibility of governmental structures:

The hard lesson came from an Albany judge who ruled against Angela's age-discrimination suit challenging the state Education Department's edict that kids have to stay in school until age 16 and can't get general equivalency diplomas until they turn 17....

"It's very demoralizing," said Lipsman, who vowed that he'll "go to prison before my daughter goes to a city high school."

Albany Supreme Court Justice Bernard Malone blamed Lipsman for steering his brainy daughter to college after she completed eighth grade at Public School 187 in Washington Heights.

"Angela was not legally free to skip high school," Malone wrote this week in ruling against Angela.

He noted that Angela could have been declared a home-schooled student and placed in a fast-track program, or she could have attended high school programs that allow students to earn college credits simultaneously.

Trying to put everyone in the same box leads us to the lowest common denominator: great in math and broken in human affairs.

Via Hanah at Quare

Posted by Steve on July 17, 2003
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