July 20, 2003

Late Night Reading

Craig Cheslog has a lot to say today about texans, the budget and North Korea.

James Joyner reprises the full text of the 2003 State of the Union speach as part of the ongoing did he or didn't he discussion.

Doc Searls shares his experience with the new whitehouse email system. Via Elizabeth Lawley.

Venomous Kate has a caption contest. That guy is flexible!

Courtney is talking about Salvia divinorum and the war on drugs.

Michael Totten and Oliver Kamm (scroll down to Bush and the Left) discuss bush the leftist. I plan to go back and re-read both of these.

Brad Delong lists three reasons we are worse off without Saddam and a vigorous debate occurs in the comment thread.

Bilmon tries to oneup Craig Cheslog's Texan comparison (1st reading above) with this republican comparison and gives us a look at the real L. Paul Bremer.

Good night!

Posted by Steve on July 20, 2003
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