July 23, 2003

Late Night Reading

This will undoubtably be all over the blogosphere for days to come and Josh Marshall and The Apostopher are already talking about tomorrows release of the joint congressional inquiry into 9/11. The snippets these two preview suggest that it will not look pretty for the bushies.

Emma tells us about the importance of libraries, recommends a book and is off on vacation for a few weeks.

Dwight Meredith has more on frivolous lawsuits. But this time not by consumers.

Mike Silverman, Red Letter Day, takes on the California recall petition and the initiative process.

Danial at Trivial Pursuits has transported out of the blogosphere. Have a safe journey.

David Neiwert reminds us that the "anthrax guy" still has not been caught and notes that columnist Dan Thomasson is keeping an eye on the FBI's fine performance on this case.

Digby sees competing factions manipulating bush.

Posted by Steve on July 23, 2003
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