July 25, 2003

Late Night Reading

TBOGG looks at the posting habits of Andrew Sullivan. Too bad the link Sullivan originally commented on appears to have been "redacted."

Seeing the Forest links to this Dean campaign speach delivered 3 days ago in Des Moines, Iowa. Hmmm, Kucinich last night, Dean tonight...will there be more in upcoming Late Night Reading?

ob Schap discusses Australia and the Solomon Islands.

Blah3 has been reading Mark Morford. So should you. Depending on your persuasion you'll either laugh and say 'right on' or scream in rage as your blood pressure blows through 200.

Gregory Harris celebrated his 36,000th hit and links us to these Japanese Flash animations.

And in a reprise appearance Daniel Drezner, this time at the Volokh Conspiracy follows up on yesterday's Marshall-Den Beste discussion on the roots of the Iraq war. Interestingly Drezner finds Marshall lacking on the ethical question side and spot on regarding the practical side of the Iraq problem. Again go read the discussions.

Posted by Steve on July 25, 2003
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