September 25, 2003

New Computers

They are fun. However it is a tedious pain to get them set up:

Tuesday Night

1) Getting the preloaded XP OS kickstarted was a breeze

2) Connect to home network. It took a while to remember that the port it was connected to had been used to connect a switch. Finally reconfigured it to connect to a workstation.

3) Loading the near 40 patches M$ had waiting for me was not all that hard it just took time (and that is where things stopped for the evening)

Wednesday Night

4) Load office....went smoothly

5) Transfer files from family computer...sharing folders across home network worked just fine (hidden from outside users by firewall)

6) Install latest nightlies of Firebird and Thunderbird. Show daughter a few new things compared to the Mozilla 1.4 she had been using.

7) Transfer bookmarks, address books, cookies, and mail folders

8) Oh yea, load latest versions of Acrobat Reader, Flashplayer and Shockwave

9) thats all for tonight

Still a few things left to do: Current free real player, Winamp, SHNamp, Canon photo tools, Feurio, and Nero. And it should be ready to head off to college on Friday. Oh, we still need to get a printer.

So, no late night reading, no posting, etc., for the last couple nights. It might improve again by Sunday as I have a lot of stuff going on the next 4 evenings.

Posted by Steve on September 25, 2003

Sounds like it's gone pretty well, especially with the smooth networking. I dread setting up new computers because I assume it's going to be as big a pain as it usually is.

Posted by Nurse Ratched at September 25, 2003 11:33 AM
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