January 16, 2004

Not for my Sherriff

The opponent telling him to drop out looks right on:

A candidate for Denton County sheriff who posted faked pictures of "friends and supporters" on his campaign Web site has replaced them with pictures of animals.

The original series of pictures on John Dupree's site showed people in various settings holding signs supporting the Republican candidate. They were taken from Web sites that offer generic photos of people holding up blank signs, Dupree said.

Dupree said his webmaster told him the fake pictures were being used as placeholders until they could be replaced with pictures of real supporters. The webmaster didn't think to include a disclaimer, he said.

If this wasn't just an 'innocent' mistake this guy doesn't have the sense or the ethics to be anyone's sheriff. And, his webmaster(s) should get a permanent note in their resume that they screwed up royally as well.

Via Charles Kuffner.

Posted by Steve on January 16, 2004
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