July 28, 2004

For Classical Music Lovers and Other Interested Parties

Yesterday Arts Journal launched a 10 day blog called Critical Conversation:


If the history of music is the recorded conversation of ideas, then where do we find ourselves in that conversation at the start of the 21st Century?
The conversationalists are a dozen of the "top classical music critics in America" (YMMV) and based on the early posts the discussion might be pretty interesting.

Of note, also, is the description of this blog as a 10 day blog. A short finite lifetime to have a snapshot discussion of a particular idea. And you can join in via comments.

Another aspect is that while the blog may build interest in and traffic to Arts Journal with this short life the blog will not have any focus on building long term traffic and relationships to itself.

All in all a pretty nifty idea for.

Posted by Steve on July 28, 2004
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