August 4, 2004

Protecting the People

Here is yet another example of why we should kick all the drug warriors off the dole and send them out to get real jobs:

Landscape contractor Blair Davis was in his northwest Harris County home around 2 p.m. Tuesday when there was a knock at his door.

Davis said he hadn't even gotten his hand on the doorknob when it flew open and he was looking at the barrel of a pistol.

Behind the gun were about 10 members of the Harris County Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force, who burst into the home, guns drawn, and began shouting at him to get down on the floor.

There on the floor, Davis said, it took a while to figure out that what had caused the swarm of lawmen to descend upon him was the hibiscus in his front yard.

Let's put an end to domestic terrorism now!

Via Zombyboy and Jeff Trigg.

Photo: Meg Loucks/ Houston Chronicle

Posted by Steve on August 4, 2004

Amen to that, brother Steve.

Posted by zombyboy at August 4, 2004 11:07 AM

Fucking amazing.

Posted by ~DS~ at August 4, 2004 11:33 AM

It's a wonder that more of these clowns don't get shot.

Posted by Anton Sherwood at August 7, 2004 2:12 PM
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