September 1, 2004

Convention Things

To be precise, 1001 Things to Hate About the Convention.

There really are a 1001 of them ranging from the humorous to the serious and some that perhaps reflect positively about the convention.

And they are generally much more entertaining though I'm going to savor them a bit longer then PZ Meyers who says he has read them all.

Roxanne borrowed #17, Ayn Rand smiling up from hell, to headline a fine picture of these left behind children. I do doubt that Rand would be smiling about anything to do with the RNC convention, its candidates or their programs.

Posted by Steve on September 1, 2004

Yeah, but you didn't disagree with the hell part, did ya! ;-)

Posted by Roxanne Cooper at September 1, 2004 3:03 PM
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