October 2, 2004

Of Mice and Failed Missions

Folks riding Washington's ferry system will be subjected to an increasing number of vehicle searches. Here is one reaction:

In the interest of national security, I understand the Washington State Patrol is instituting random car searches at our ferry terminals ("Feds order new level of security for ferries," Times page one, Sept. 29).

And so while they are busy trampling our rights by digging through our possessions, I hope they regret ever encountering my car.

I have a family and I have not seen the floor mats of my car since 2002. A single road trip requires at least six stuffed animals, 10 pounds of books, a box of crayons and a note pad for my child. My husband takes at least three coats, a hat and an extra seat cushion.

Added to that pile, which is now threatening to swamp the aforementioned kid in the back seat, are my backpack, clothing, a first-aid kit and occasionally a wetsuit. I have not mentioned the trunk.

That is because a mouse has taken up residence in it � we'll call him "Kenny."


If the US government had been doing its job for the last 4 years, had accomplished it mission, we wouldn't be reading this today!

Do go read the rest of the story.

Posted by Steve on October 2, 2004
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