October 8, 2004

Debate Question

Lots of folks have posed potential questions for bush and kerry. Here's one from Say Uncle:

So, the drug war costs billions and billions and billions of dollars. Many innocent, peaceable citizens have been needlessly killed by a police force that has been essentially militarized. People are not secure in their homes because of no knock warrants and search warrants issued based on the frequently false testimony of criminals. Property is taken and lives are destroyed over a few minuscule amounts of drugs. Is it worth that price to confiscate an infinitesimally small fraction of a percent of the drug supply in this country?
Both candidates will, though, say similar BS. Something like: "Yes, it is worth it..followed by a bunch of babble with an emphasis on being tougher then the other guy." And, most of the brainwashed public will nod knowingly and forget the question was even asked.

I suspect that it will take more direct action than a question at a debate to bring an end to this long reign of domestic and foreign terrorism.

Posted by Steve on October 8, 2004
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