October 20, 2004

Open the Books!

I'm sure that there are some student athletes playing for big time football programs but I don't think this guy is one of them:

But Goodrum, who played the last two years at Los Angeles Valley College, has no second thoughts.

"Nothing against Washington," he said. "I just felt more comfortable staying down here and going to USC."

There were rumblings at the time he committed to UW that USC wanted him as well but wasn't promising a scholarship. So Goodrum signed with UW. But he ended up failing a history class and didn't graduate in time to enroll at UW for spring practice as planned. Goodrum said the failed class was not just a convenient way to get out of his commitment to UW.

"My teacher wouldn't help me out," Goodrum said. "I told him about my scholarship to Washington, but he said there was no way to pass the class."

Once he failed to enroll at UW, however, he was free from his letter, and by then, a scholarship at USC had opened up.

Excuse, me! "My teacher wouldn't help me out,..."??? Uhh, junior college history classes aren't that tough to begin with. Open the books, read them, learn something, earn a grade.

The sad thing is that there are many more just like this guy taking up spaces that could be better utilized by real students.

Posted by Steve on October 20, 2004
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