January 5, 2005


Just where would someone get a PHD that would generate this set of conflicting qualifications?

Geology:Ph.D. required. Teaching Introductory Geology, Paleontology, and History of Life. Compatibility with a young-earth creationist position required.
Since the course content would be empty perhaps they should just use the same folks that teach this class:
THEO 250 - Fundamental Theological Issues (3 hours)
A study of the major theological questions that arise in the defense of biblical inerrancy, scriptural separation, creationism, and dispensationalism. It also deals with such contemporary issues as the charismatic movement, feminism, situation ethics, and other vital concerns to the fundamentalist in today�s world. (Prerequisites: THEO 201 and THEO 202)
Via Pharyngula.

Posted by Steve on January 5, 2005
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