March 9, 2005

Radio Alternatives

Last week Mark Morford hammered a bit on corporate rock radio:

This is the problem with rock radio. It has become the last option, the thing you listen to only when all other options fail, when you're too tired to pop in a CD or too lazy to reach for the iPod or just a little too buzzed on premium tequila and postcoital nirvana to care about searching your glove box for that old AC/DC tape.
After getting subsequent feedback from his readers he now has some alternatives to recommend presented, of course, in his own unique style, i.e., some of you may be a bit offended. Oh, well:
These are places to go and listen anew and dig deep into the raw bloody gorgeous musical universe and rediscover the joys of radio and realize it really doesn't, despite the howlings of the rigid neurons and the religious Right and the ass-clenched FCC, have to be all about preprogrammed DJs and bleeped f-words and endless goddamn repeats of Eric Clapton.
Of those on his list, I have listened to KPIG and KEXP and find them both very worthy. Give'm a try.

Posted by Steve on March 9, 2005

I recommend Radio Paradise, mentioned in that article.

I listen to it all day long.

Great stuff.

Posted by Allan at March 9, 2005 7:21 PM

definitely give MPR's "The Current" a shot as well. they just launched last month, and they're right up there at the top of my list with KEXP already.

there's a couple of excellent articles on the future of radio in the March issue of Wired as well.

Posted by Platypotamus at March 10, 2005 8:11 PM

When I'm home, Radio Paradise is on. It's excellent.

Posted by Alison at March 11, 2005 10:08 AM
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