April 11, 2005

Not Just Your Ordinary Boxed Set

Via Scott I just found out that my favorite band has a little 40th Anniversary treat headed our way this summer.

Niftily wrapped up on 55 discs:

The Tour: European Dead, 1972

650 Tracks
75 Songs
22 Concerts
11 Dark Stars
8 Jam Sessions
6 Soundchecks
1 Midnight Mediterranean Beach Party
Plenty�O�Bus Music (Bolo or Bozo? You decide!)

It will, you know, take more than one sitting to get through it all.

Posted by Steve on April 11, 2005

I'm SO hoping this is not a fake; it was on DNC, so take it with a small Siberian salt mine.

Nevertheless, it would be monumental. 55 CDs? Holy crap!

Posted by Scott at April 12, 2005 6:16 AM
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