May 26, 2005

Golden Girls, Latex Boys and a Big White Bunny

Do any of you know what the cultural context is for this not entirely work friendly bit of wierdness. Perhaps an enactment of something equivalent to a fairy tale or a story from the Japanese mythos.

There is a narrative here1 which begins:

Ok , i have posted some strange dreams before. Some strange, ill, fucked up dreams. But this one takes the cake...

In the beginning, I was at a ballet. But not a regular ballet. For one, the ballerinas were all naked and golden. Also they were dancing with a 7 foot tall fat-as-hell bunny....

It's worth reading the rest of this before looking at the pictures but it does not provide any deep cultural background for the story.

The audience does seem to be enjoying the performance.

Via Unfogged.

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Posted by Steve on May 26, 2005
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