June 8, 2005

Beyond Raich

Why exactly are the drug terorists waging this war on supposedly free people? Dennis Perrin has a few thoughts in answer:

Still, it seems comical that at this late date we're dealing with shit like this, esp given the larger and more pressing horrors of the world. But systems of control are self-perpetuating, as are the delusions that keep them humming. And criminalizing marijuana requires massive delusion and lying by those who seek control. To be expected. To paraphrase Bill Hicks, alcohol and cigarettes do nothing creative for you and accelerate your chances for death, yet they're legal. Weed, on the other hand, opens a door in your mind and lets you see how you are getting royally fucked on a regular basis, yet it's illegal. Coincidence . . .?
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Via Arthur Silber.

Posted by Steve on June 8, 2005
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