August 31, 2005

Leavin' New Orleans

A few days ago I was one of the smug ones mentioned below but from what I've seen, heard and learned since Katrina wreaked its destruction this is about right:

Look at the reporters who are "incensed" by the rampant looting. Look at the smugness from those distant from the situation who chastise the dumb southerners for not evacuating when they had the chance. It blows their minds how many idiots stayed to wait it out. It makes them shake their heads and make "tsk-tsk" noises into their shiny microphones.

Well, fuck the lot of them.

New Orleans and Biloxi are not rich cities. They are poor southern cities disproportionately filled with poor southern people -- people who may not have reliable transportation, people who live hand-to-mouth, people who have nowhere else to go, even if they had the means to get there.

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Via Making Light.

Posted by Steve on August 31, 2005

There are several hundred people in the Ritz-Carlton who were neither poor, not Southern, but could not get out because there was no transportion.

If you didn't have a car, you were stuck.

Posted by Bryan at September 1, 2005 8:38 PM
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