October 16, 2005

We Must Treat Our Victims Fairly

In true mob form fred enderle, city manager of loveland, ohio, says:

...the amount Combs owes isn't the real issue.

"Whether it's $1 they owe us or $1,000, it's not fair to the rest of the public to not pursue that person," he said. "There is some expense involved, but it goes back to the principle. We have laws. The laws have to be complied with. At what cost do you stop enforcing the law?"

You bet, if they don't pay break their knees so the next one will be compliant.

In the case of Deborah Combs the amount was $1.16.

You know, though, that taxation is not extortion, right?

Via The Agitator.

Posted by Steve on October 16, 2005
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