January 18, 2006

bush Supports End to Prohibition

Comparing immigration to prohibition is not that farfetched:

It also makes sense to take pressure off the border by giving people a legal means on a temporary basis to come here, so they don't have to sneak across. Now, some of you all may be old enough to remember the days of Prohibition. I'm not. (Laughter.) But remember, we illegalized whisky, and guess what? People found all kinds of ways to make it, and to run it. NASCAR got started -- positive thing that came out of all that. (Laughter.)
The result bush describes is what happens anytime government gets in the way of people freely exchanging goods and services. Now if bush would just open his mind a little bit more and see that the war on drugs also needs to be dismantled.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to evaluate the NASCAR reference.

Via a new Nevada focused marijuana legalization site.

Posted by Steve on January 18, 2006
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