February 9, 2006

What's Your House Worth?

Try out Zillow.com.

I asked it about my street and in less than 30 seconds it has popped up estimated values for my street and about 40 more houses surrounding us. You'll quibble with the values because, well, your house is obviously worth much more than that house next door.

Quibbles aside, this site provides a wealth of pricing information, trends, comparables and the opportunity to fine tune the estimated value of any property. What it is missing is the expert eye of an appraiser assessing a properties current condition.

More info here and a this update:

Six hours after Zillow.com, a Seattle-based Web site that offers free home valuations, launched its beta version Wednesday, the site crashed under the onslaught of 300,000 page views. It was out for several hours.

"What caught us by surprise is how much people used it and how deeply they used it," company spokeswoman Amy Bohutinsky said.

The Zillow Blog has updates and lots of folks are reporting on how it worked for them.

Even though they are still in beta using the service will be well worth your time if you are buying or selling residential real estate.

Posted by Steve on February 9, 2006
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