March 9, 2006

Prepare for Aging or Prepare for Living?

I know my choice!

Nevertheless, the belief that aging is an immutable process, programmed by evolution, is now known to be wrong. In recent decades, our knowledge of how, why, and when aging processes take place has progressed so much that many scientists now believe that this line of research, if sufficently promoted, could benefit people alive today.Indeed, the science of aging has the potential to do what no drug, surgical procedure, or behavior modification can do-extend our years of youthful vigor and simultaneously postpone all the costly, disabling, and lethal conditions expressed at later ages.
These writers are on the modest end of gerontology research but even the programs they propose will do more to solve the problems with health care systems here and abroad than all the quibbling going on over how to get someone else to pay for your health care costs. Let's earn the longevity dividend.

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Posted by Steve on March 9, 2006
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