May 3, 2006


It is oft best just to ignore some of this stuff but I am from time to time bemused by Reynold's take on some things. For instance, this supposed zinger from Hewitt:

The Bush Adminsitration is the definition of openness compared to the New York Times.
Caused an "ouch" to flow through the instafingers.

If only it were more true than it is it might deserve an "ouch" but Hewitt's just blowing smoke or, perhaps, transcribing a talking point of the day. How not open is the bush administration:

As the Bush administration has dramatically accelerated the classification of information as "top secret" or "confidential," one office is refusing to report on its annual activity in classifying documents: the office of Vice President Dick Cheney.

A standing executive order, strengthened by President Bush in 2003, requires all agencies and "any other entity within the executive branch" to provide an annual accounting of their classification of documents. More than 80 agencies have collectively reported to the National Archives that they made 15.6 million decisions in 2004 to classify information, nearly double the number in 2001, but Cheney continues to insist he is exempt.

The New York Times has a long way to go to catch up with these folks.

Secret governments deserve to be tossed out on their behinds!

Posted by Steve on May 3, 2006
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