June 26, 2006

Dead Right

It has been no secret that Ann Coulter is a longtime Grateful Dead fan. Now there is more in this Jambase interview:

But whatever their myriad interests, clothing choices, and interest in illicit drugs, true Deadheads are what liberals claim to be but aren't: unique, free-thinking, open, kind, and interested in different ideas.
Yep, kind of like what AC's ilk can't even claim to be.

Natalie Davis has posted an excellent riff on the interview which closes with:

...be open to hearing all views Listen to what everyone says -- even the person you find most reprehensible probably has an interest or two in common with you. If both sides are on equal footing, that is great news: It opens possibilities for friendship or at least civil acquaintance, for building bridges, for establishing some sort of understanding -- or, perhaps, for ultimately changing minds. I can't imagine that the latter outcome is possible when dealing with the supposed She-Devil of the Right Wing, but who knows?
I suspect all you head's know right, left, anarchic, socialist, communist, libertarian, and, well, you name it....listening to the music play.

Both the interview and Natalie's post are well worth your time.

Posted by Steve on June 26, 2006
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