July 2, 2006

Good News From New Jersey...

...with some odd side effects and interesting lessons.

The good citizens of New Jersey will probably not thrive without their government as they've been trained to believe it is necessary instead of educated to live as free human beings.

As to the some of the side effects and lessons:

  1. "...will see the state close its parks, beaches..."The folks can just continue to use these facilities. They belong to the people not the state.
  2. "...will see the state close ... and, depending on the outcome of a court decision, possibly the 12 Atlantic City casinos..."Hmmm, are these government agencies? I guess if you have a a governor with a name like corzine they probably are mafia government agencies.
  3. Third, they did shut down the mafia operated numbers game, the state lottery. Are all the lottery outlets in New Jersey operated by state employees? Besides which this ripoff is a major revenue source for the state and the close down is over an alleged revenue shortfall. Yep, bright government type...
  4. So called "Essential operations, like the prisons, the state police, child protection services and mental hospitals, will continue to run during the shutdown." Apparently 55% of the states employees work in these essential areas. Why would anyone want to live in such a dismal culture?
  5. It must be hard on the 36,000 layed off non-essential employees to have that thrown in their face. Perhaps it will be enough of a kick in the butt to get them to go find meaningful work on their own! Oh yea, since these are non-essential functions why the hell do the jobs even exist??
Yep, ol' corzine would probably more than cover the $4.5 billion shortfall by simply closing down all the non-essential functions.

Via Blonde Sense.

Posted by Steve on July 2, 2006
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