Cosmology Primer

Sean, at Preposterous Universe, says:

I’ve written a Cosmology Primer meant to explain the basic features of the universe to people on the street. It’s very much in rough draft form at present, but has nevertheless gone live. I’d be very interested in what people think — not about stylistic questions, since the look and feel will undoubtedly evolve, but whether the level is appropriate, and if the important questions are addressed, and if so if the answers make sense. Let me know.
Go refresh your understanding of the universe and give him some feedback.

Cool Space

The California Institute of Technology provides a site that has some great tutorial material on infrared and multi-wavelength astronomy. Also, the many images and videos will make multiple visits worth your time even after you have learned all the basics!
The material also covers applications to biology, geology, oceanography and more.
Interestingly, the site warns readers when material is written for those older then 14 and refers the reader to their parents or guardians if the text is too difficult. I wonder just who the average adult is supposed to get help from.
Via The Internet Scout Report.