Images, Images and More Images

The Presurfer, a great place for the new and the odd, suggests the Devilfinder Image Browser.
Enter a word, name, or whatever describes the image you are looking for, tell it how many images you want and it opens a new window with images gleaned from the net.
If you are at work I strongly suggest turning on the Offensive Content Filter. Trust me, even seemingly innocent searches may show some very unexpected and disturbing results. And, no, I won’t tell you what three letter word I used that I wish I’d turned the filter on for.
I did, though, try Aquaman and got a bunch of cool pictures and was a bit surprised that none of them were from Tegan who is a consummate Aquaman fan.

What the Frum?

David must have been smoking some pretty heavy stuff to make this leap:

Took my kids to the multiplex on the weekend. The multiplex being in DC, close to half the theaters were showing Michael Moore’s pseudo-documentary. But that’s OK! Because the other half were showing the great pro-Bush movie of the summer: Spiderman 2.
Pro-Bush? Well consider this. Spiderman 2 is the story of a hero who is regularly belittled and ridiculed by almost everyone who knows him. Fashionable society despises him; the press lampoons and attacks him. Fashionable society despises him; the press lampoons and attacks him. ….The good news is that the movie ends with a barrage of hints that Spidey will soon return for another term …..
And in front of his kids too.
I join Juan Non-Volokh in calling this a great summer movie and note that I still can’t come up with one thing from the movie that seems pro-bush.
However, Frum’s point that almost everyone who knows bush regularly belittles and ridicules him does have a ring of truth to it and perhaps Frum will expand on this jiucy bit of gossip in future articles.

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Tegan is a charter member of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame which is opening this week. She attended the “Gala premier opening” and has written a preview for us. A couple of snippets:

Ok, overall first impressions: Crowded, but not too crowded. Literally every time you turned around, there was something new to look at. I was suffering from “oooooh! Shiny thing!” syndrome, big-time.
Disappointments. Not many… There was as strong a focus on books and magazines as on TV and movies, but comic books were underrepresented.
And the Experience Music Project building is still the ugliest building in Seattle, even if what’s inside it is pretty cool.

A lot of folks consider this building ugly and it certainly does wrench at one’s sense of what is right when you look at it. As time goes by, though, I’ve found it to be much more interesting then just another box and I suspect that much of the inside ambience is due to the external shell creating internal spaces with interesting curved shapes.
Hey, sorry to digress. Go read the rest of Tegan’s review.